Foreal?? FoREAL?!?!

NO. I’m not answering your FaceTime… ever.

Especially not in the morning..

♦️Fuck ‘em. I didn’t wanna go to Heaven anyway ♦️

♦️Fuck ‘em. I didn’t wanna go to Heaven anyway ♦️

That was by far the dirtiest fully clothed snapchat I have ever received.. 

I’m currently a mixture of shock, awe, and arousal. 

Okay. So I unintentionally wake up with the sun most days. I want to fill the morning with sex. Morning sex is the best sex.. But no. “If you’re awake can you take my dog out?”

Damn it.

I like him.. not in a ohmygod you’re so hot kinda way, but a Let’s stay up till dawn cause we talked all night and didn’t need drugs or alcohol to have an awesome time… kinda way.

He’s different. 

I met the cutest guy at a party tonight.. the only thing is, he wore a backwards flattop.. so i don’t know if he’s a douche or a great guy with terrible fashion sense.. 

he’s still texting me.. i guess i’ll keep you updated.

You know you’re horny when you start to masturbate in your dreams..

Just a selfie to remind you that I’m alive and still chillin’

Just a selfie to remind you that I’m alive and still chillin’

I can never settle. I always think there’s going to be something else.. something more.. 

I mean I like trying new things, but ultimately I get bored and my mind starts to wonder if I’d be happier doing something else. Maybe I just don’t know what I want yet. 

Literally this girl just asked my roommate is she could take pictures of our party tonight for a school project.

1. Who are you?

2. How did you find out about our party?

3. Hell no. And if you show up, I’ll show you my taser.